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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who do you trust with your kid or grandkids data?

Who do you trust with your kid or grandkids data? Google?  The phone company?  The NSA?

Kids born into the digital generation naturally benefit from the cloud.  Most kids don’t know Microsoft Office.  They exclusively use Google Drive applications and cloud storage.

For the first years of their life their interaction with technology is through borrowed devices.  File storage on the cloud is optimal.  As kids grow older, they benefit from document sharing (first with parents) and automatic saving.

From birth it now makes sense to set up a Google account managed by parents.  While it is not worth the risk to scan and post birth certificate (although there is no magic watermark to prevent easy forgery anyhow), it does make sense to begin early curating a digital identity.

For an organization to be trusted it must follow a three part test:
  • 1.       Are the rules fair, complete, and transparent?
  • 2.       Are the rules consistently enforced?
  • 3.       Is their sufficient independent auditing to ensure rule fidelity?

By this test, the TSA while occasionally silly, succeeds, and Google and the NSA fail

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