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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Catholic group denounce Common Core

The Cardinal Newman Society, a nonprofit that advocates for Catholic education, is launching an effort to fight the Common Core academic standards.
The initiative, dubbed Catholic is Our Core, aims to dissuade Catholic schools from adopting the Common Core to guide their math and language arts curricula. It also urges parents to get informed and involved.
A paper the Cardinal Newman Society released this week warns that “a closer look at the goals and methods of the Common Core reveals that they are fundamentally at odds with the discovery of Truth at the heart of an authentically Catholic education.” The paper was written by Andrew Seeley, executive director of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education.
Dioceses around the country have been split on whether to adopt the Common Core. Some Catholic principals believe their students will need to master the standards in order to succeed on the SAT, ACT and state standardized tests. Others have decided to stick with their own curricula. In a letter to U.S. bishops this fall, 130 Catholic scholars denounced the standards

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