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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Chromebooks are winning big in the classroom

Chromebooks are winning big in the classroom, according to a recent look at the sales of desktops, tablets and notebooks through November 2013.
Overall U.S sales for Apple’s MacBook and iPad decreased this past year while Google Chrome and Android products soared. A study conducted by NDP Group found 1.76 million Chromebook or Android products were sold through commercial U.S. channels from January through November 2013, compared to 400,000 units in 2012. They attribute much of the increase to classroom use, in particular interest in easy access to Google Docs and Google Drive.
"There are no governments or IT departments running out to buy these products — they would be underwhelmed," Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, told Mashable. "Instead, this growth is being driven by education."

In early December, Dell released Chromebook 11, driven by Google and designed specifically for the classroom. Amplify, a division of News Corp., also has a tablet designed specifically for the education market.

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