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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Final prep for TEDx Talk


We're thrilled that you and your ideas are a part of TEDxBeaconStreet's second annual conference, which will be held at the Lincoln School in Brookline MA, on November 16 - 17, 2013 and simulcast worldwide.

We are here to help you give the talk of your life, but to do that we need the following things from you!
Review your talk title, description and bio 
Please check carefully and let us know if any revisions. The same info will be posted with your video on the TEDx YouTube channel after the conference.   
Last week for speaker rehearsals
This is the last week for speaker rehearsals (next week we will be extremely busy with final conference preparations).  If you have not had at least one rehearsal, please email us to arrange a rehearsal in-person, by Google Hangout or by phone. We are here to help you, and many speakers have found it very valuable to review their outline, their slides, and/or to practice the presentation itself. 
If you plan to use slides, they are due to us by November 8 so that we can organize them carefully.  Slides should be Powerpoint or Keynote, and should be formatted for widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio), high-definition (1920 X 1080 high res).  Videos should be embedded in your presentation (but also send us the video files separately in case something goes wrong).  
Technical, Audio, and Special Requirements 
If you have TECHNICAL, AUDIO, or SPECIAL requirements for your talk beyond you standing in the circle with slides behind you, contact laura@tedxbeaconstreet.com so that we can be sure to arrange what you need.  If you have special requirements you would like to test before the conference, you can come to the Lincoln School from 3 - 5 pm on Friday, November 15.  This will not be a dress rehearsal, only time for a quick sound or technical check.  
How to dress
Be yourself. Too formal clothing is discouraged on the TEDx stage, and so is an excess of informality. Also, consider that solid colors (except white) work better than strange patterns on camera. Speakers should choose jewelry, in particular earrings and necklaces, in a prudent way: long earrings, for example, may hit the microphone and create unwanted noise during your talk.
The day of your talk  
The conference will be held November 16 and 17 at the Lincoln School in Brookline.  We would love to have you attend as much of the conference as you can. 
Here is the speaker schedulePlease arrive one hour prior to the start time of your talk. This will give you the opportunity to communicate any needs you might have to the TEDxBeaconStreet team and gather your thoughts before your talk. It will also let us know that you are here and ready for your talk.
Please go to the Speaker Registration table when you arrive - they will check you in and escort you to the Green Room. If you encounter any difficulties at all on the day of the conference, please call Sue Goldberg at 617-460-5557
In the green room you will be set up with your nice small microphone.
Your time is sacred
The block of time we have reserved for your talk is yours alone. As you can see from our full speaker schedule, each person has a time slot that is equally precious to them. We are counting on you to honor the other speakers, the audience, and the TEDxBeaconStreet staff by sticking to your allotted time.

As we have stressed in rehearsals, your talk should be 12 minutes or less. Your talk should NOT fill the entire 15 mins of your slot, as that time includes introductions and transitions. 
You have prepped well for your talk! You are surrounded by a TEDxBeaconStreet team that believes in you and supports you. Our audience is in for a great experience. Relax and have fun! 
Saturday Escape Velocity Party
Speakers and their guests are warmly invited to our Escape Velocity Party, which will be held at the Brookline Teen Center starting at 6:30 Saturday night. The Teen Center is a short walk from the Lincoln School. You are welcome to bring as many guests as you like to the conference or party; we ask that they register so that we will have name tags for each of them.
We are planning an exciting, inspiring conference and your talks are at the heart of our day of ideas, Our audience is filled with fascinating people that can't wait to hear you give the talk of your life!
The TEDxBeaconStreet Team  
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