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Monday, December 28, 2015

MOOCs will replace APs

·         ·        More people signed up for MOOCs in 2015 than they did in the first three years of the “modern” MOOC movement (which started in late 2011—when the first Stanford MOOCs took off).
·         ·        Coursera accounts 35% of all MOOC users, EdX 18%, Canvas 7%, Future Learn 6%, most others on radar account for 1-4%
·         1,800 new courses in 2015
·         Edu and teaching accounts for 9.5% of classes
·         Newest trend in business model has been MOOC providers creating their own credentials as main source of revenue
·         Avg coursera certificate course is $56, EdX $53
·         Large increase in self-paced courses
·         Providers targeting high school market for stake in college readiness


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